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WelCome to RisE

My first attempt at a website for my passion, MTB Jumps & Ramps!

Mad about MTB?

Join me, get jumping and have fun.



The ramps are made from 100% recycled farming plastic. 


Really hope you are! I don't have a massive production line, we will be collecting orders in batches and look to get them to you as soon as we can!



Rise Ramps



Hi, my name is Felix. I'm 16 and a very keen Mountain Biker based in the Cotswolds. The reason why I wanted to make and sell these jumps is because I love building ramps. However every time I got them out to ride, it either started raining so I had to bring them in, or the ramp didn't have the strength I wanted for the big jump. I started thinking how can I have a ramp that ticks these boxes?


And Rise Ramps was born. I wanted a grippy surface so I could ride it in wind and rain, also I wanted one that's waterproof so I could leave it outside. The design needed to be strong too. 


What I love most is riding in the amazing countryside and so the environment is important to me too. I chose the perfect material; recycled plastic made from 100% farming waste plastics.


I thought it would be cool to have a design that could be packed away for storage or taking to other places. My design is a simple slot and peg system, which I feel works well.


So, there is the background story of how I came up with the idea and I hope you like my products and have as much fun mountain biking as I do!

Thank you.

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